Before descending into heaven Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. One of the many ways the Teen Center seeks to build the kingdom of heaven is by empowering the youth in our community. While Kaleo helps us break down the word of God on a weekly basis, the R.E.D program allows us to hone in on a group of students that are seeking to grow in their knowledge of Christ in order to bring heaven on earth. R.E.D stands for Restoring and Equipping Disciples. We know that we are called by God through His mercy and restorative power in our lives. It is because of this that we strive to live a life that is compelled out of the glorious riches He lavishes upon us. Every year, the RED program provides students with the tools to be leaders not only in the four walls of the Teen Center, but also in their schools and neighborhoods.  

This year our theme was “Streams of Living Water”. Inspired by the book written by Richard Foster, the last 5 months our students have studied 5 different streams in our relationship with God. As we conclude our year together, we will be taking off to Oakland. On our week long trip will be collaborating with different ministries that will give us a glimpse of the places God longs to restore in the Bay area.

As we prepare to leave, here is how you can contribute. We would ask that you come alongside us in prayer.


  1. Pray for safe traveling. We will take off SundayJune 26th and return July 1st. 
  2.  Pray for unity. Pray that our group would bond through both service and time spent in the word.
  3.  Pray for courage and boldness to embody the power of the spirit that we know lives in our students. 
  4. Pray for hearts to become sensitive and broken to the things that break for Gods heart.
  5. Pray for joy and strength to push through the week. Pray that hearts and bodies would remain strong and not weary. 

We look forward to all that God has in store for us this week. Stay tuned for more information about our students and our trip.

Trip to Big Bear at the beginning of the year.