Kaleo Youth Ministry started out in 2000 as a Friday night youth church option for high school students. The teens and leaders first met at a World Impact staff house on 28th Street, but soon after grew to be too large for one living room, so they began to meet at the Los Angeles Christian Middle School assembly room. It was here that "youth church" was renamed "Kaleo", which is Greek for "called ones" or "chosen ones". From it's earliest roots, Kaleo was designed to be a place of development and empowerment for youth. Teens were part of the worship and teaching teams from the start.

When a large inner city high school opened up across the street, God gave us a vision to have a greater impact on the youth in our community by building a Teen Center. Through various donors and partners, God provided the funds for the World Impact Teen Center to be built, with the purpose of providing a safe place that demonstrates the love of God in our community in South LA. The teenagers from Kaleo spent time praying for the youth in their community and gave input to help design the building.

In 2010, the World Impact Teen Center had a grand opening ceremony with a huge block party. Since then, hundreds of unchurched students have been able to hear the gospel, numerous lives have been transformed, and many former students have gone on to become Christian leaders in their context. The Teen Center ministries have also provided significant assets to under resourced students at a crucial time in their lives. The Middle School and Young Adult ministries started in 2012, as well as the R.E.D Discipleship program in 2011. In 2014, the R.O.C.K Church came to World Impact and has become a multi-ethnic church that unchurched students who have been reached by the Teen Center can plug into This allows the youth and their families who do not have a church to have a church family for long-term growth.